It is with great disappointment that the Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts, founders and organisers of the event 25 years ago, will no longer be connected with the Moffat Classic Car Rally. Health problems and getting older forced the decision on us.

The Moffat Car Rally 2023

Although we are no longer¬†organising the Rally doesn’t mean it is the end of the Moffat Classic Car Rally. Discussions have been taking place with another group, who have Moffat connections for them to take it over and operate it along the lines of¬† what it is at the moment. It is most important that this event stays on the Classic Car Rally Calendar!

The support we have had in promoting this event has been absolutely incredible whether it be financial or in kind support, they are all important. So please everybody that has helped in supporting us in any way over the past 25 years please accept my sincere gratitude!!!

Whilst I will not be committed to any future organisation to the Rally, I will certainly be there to support if needed.


For further information regarding the Rally please use the contact details below: